About us

At SWF, we pride ourselves in our processes which include feed milling that caters for the production of qualitative feeds for our farm. Also included are traditional methods of fish farming using earthen ponds for variety. Our birds are produced as day old chicks and reared to maturity in an ideal, clean, closed climate-controlled environment, taking care of all bio-security measures. We ensure proper health management of the flocks by strictly following approved vaccination programmes against poultry disease. 

The farm plans to increase its capacity to 200,000 Laying birds, 100,000 Broilers, 1000 cattle, 3000 sheep, 3000 goats and 5000 pigs. SWF is in the process of its expansion project to build more laying houses and more traditional fish ponds.


is to evolve as one of Africa’s leading poultry, fish and meat produce business giants. Our brand image is attributing to the vision of our directors and management.

• To consolidate commercial poultry, fish and meat production and its allied products.

• To reduce unemployment level in the country by employing qualified skilled and competent hands to complement existing workforce.

• To contribute positively to governments efforts in revamping the agricultural sector of the Nigerian Economy.



Improvement in the quality of our products by continuous research and development so as to keep meeting the demands of our customers.


To complement our strategic goals and mission, Solid Wealth Farms has competent employees, including veterinarians, nutritionist, animal scientists, agriculturists, chemist and specialized administrative accountants.